Friday Follies #92 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

The Grammar Cop’s word of the day is: egregious. It means blatantly offensive, which is how she would describe today’s mistakes.

  1. HUFFINGTONPOST.COM: The first of these awful boo-boos is in “The Simpson case drug on so long that it spun off yet another…”
  2. THE SUBURBAN: Because what’s an FF post without them, right? “The Montreal Action Centre Foundation’s held it’s 8th Annual President’s Cup…”
  3. MONTREAL TIMES: In an ad: “484 Beacons ield, Beacons ield, H9W 4C4” (Okay, maybe this one’s not fair. Here’s a great big hint.)



  1. I was drinking coffee when reading this, and I almost choked. What is the past tense of drag? Is it (arghh) “drug”? (searing look of disgust on my face) No!  The past tense of drag is, altogether now, dragged!
  2. Thank you for your article, Mr. Editor-in-Chief of The Suburban. You’ve given me the Most Egregious of All Award-winner, the dreaded “it’s” that should be its, because its is possessive, and when its is in the possessive form, it has NO APOSTROPHE. (The only time it’s is spelled with an apostrophe is when it’s short for it is. Like just there, did you see it? 😉 ) By the way, there’s also another error in the half-sentence, and you probably spotted it: what’s the ‘s doing at the end of Foundation? Does it possess something? No it doesn’t. I’m sure this is just an egregious typo.
  3. Yes, it’s true that the Grammar Cop does not generally single out typos. We all make them. Even (dang it!) the Grammar Cop herself. (And she fittingly hangs her head in shame whenever that happens, I can assure you.) But I am almost positive that she has never made a double-typo like this. In this ad, the same letter is omitted both in the street name and in the Town name: Beaconsfield. If you had clicked on the hint up there, you would’ve seen the proper spelling in their listing. One typo may be forgiven; two – the same one, mind you – never!

The Grammar Cop remains ever vigilant in the cause for peace, justice, and the Right Way of  Writing. See you next week!

12 thoughts on “Friday Follies #92 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. Good ones this morning Ellie. If you hate “I drug it down the road.” then you would really cringe to hear or say. “I just went out and crunked the car.” Southern Redneck past tense of crank.

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  2. Please grade on the curve today. I passed the first two easily, or I might say three for the three errors in the first two examples. The hint on number 3 yielded an ad for a diamond ring, so I didn’t notice the address. I thought I was REALLY dumb until I read your explanation.

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    1. You are most certainly NOT dumb! My snarky post is just the persona of my alter ego, the Grammar Cop. She’s one tough cookie, I’ll admit! Lol.


  3. The only possible explanation for all the three of these egregious errors is that the writers were all on drugs after being drug out of the nearest pub! The Grammar Judge orders 10 days in jail for the offenders!

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