Laughter: The Universal Language – #22

This is an oldie, but I figured since I never heard it before, maybe some of you loyal readers never did either. It’s actually more poignant than it is funny. How about this: it’s poignantly funny. I’ll write it down roughly the way my friend John told it to me today:


Many years ago, Joe and Al, the best shoe salesmen at Best-style Shoes, are told by the company vice-president that since they’re doing such a good job, they will be sent to a “third world” country to develop a new sales program there.

After arriving in the country, Joe soon notices that most of the natives are going around barefoot. He calls the VP at his company and says,”Boss, forget this place. Nobody wears shoes here! There’s no one to sell to!”

Later, Al calls the VP and says, “Boss! you wouldn’t believe what I found here! There is so much opportunity – no one here is wearing shoes! I can sell to the whole country!”


It’s all in how we look at things, isn’t it? The glass half-empty or half-full. But as someone once said, the truth is: the glass is refillable!

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