Laughter: The Universal Language – #29

With so much worry and sorrow going on these days, how about a teensy bit of escape? What follows is some very humourous (humorous to you American folks!) and clever wording on church signs.

Too hot to keep changing sign...

Church Signs

St. Mark’s Anglican Church
Adam & Eve – the first people
to not read the Apple Terms
& Conditions

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church
Too hot to keep
changing sign

Sin bad
Jesus good
Details inside

Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace
If you are more fortunate
than others

Build a longer table
Not a taller fence

Knox Presbyterian Church
If you are praying for snow
Please stop

Madison Avenue Baptist Church NYC
The fact that there’s a highway to hell
and only a stairway to heaven
says a lot about anticipated
traffic numbers

Stonebridge Church of God
Honk if you love Jesus
Text while driving if you
want to meet him

Walnut Grove Baptist Church
Just love everyone
I’ll sort ’em out later
– God

Catch up
With Jesus
Lettuce praise
& Relish him
Cuz He loves me
from my head

Central Baptist Church
Forgive your enemies –
It messes with their heads

United Church In University Place
Tweet others
as you would
like to be tweeted

Jesus is watching
but the police
have radar

Zion Lutheran Church
Satan called
He wants his
weather back

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church
Whoever stole our
A/C units, keep one
It is hot
where you’re going

Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church
Be the kind of person
your pet thinks you are


13 thoughts on “Laughter: The Universal Language – #29

      1. He does think I’m special. Wait until he’s out in the whole house fulltime though. Then he’ll ignore me and think life’s all about the cats and my husband’s flipflops.

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