Yes, I write songs too. :-)

So last Saturday, I enjoyed a real thrill. A great musical group called “Related” performed two of my songs in a popular coffeehouse.

The group is called “Related” because they are siblings: Shirley Bell, Karen Bell, Kevin Bell, and Joan Bell – who unfortunately missed the Saturday night gig due to illness. Hope you get well soon, Joan!

I was only expecting them to sing ONE of my songs. Shirley had heard it (right here on my blog, it’s the second song on the little playlist) and then told me she would cover it! So that alone was fab news.

But then, on Saturday night at the Mariposa Cafe, Shirley told me they would sing a second song of mine too! (I’d messengered it to her a couple of months previously but hadn’t heard back.) What a kick. For what it’s worth, these are the songs as performed by 3/4 of the group, “Related.”


Hope you liked ’em, thanks for listening/watching!


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