Friday Follies #101 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Greetings, FF friends! The Grammar Cop’s cup runneth over with a giant mess o’ mistakes this week. Here are a few off the top:

  1. DAILYKOS.COM (progressive website): “After October 4 we will know more about whether Trump’s pardon really gets Joe Arpaio of the hook for his blatant flaunting of the authority of U.S. Courts.”
  2. THE SUBURBAN (local weekly): “I thought ‘wholly crap I don’t want anything to fly through the door.'”
  3. HUFFINGTONPOST.COM (progressive news site): “You have the issue of Trump kind of pandering to these groups during his election campaign and taking some of their ideas and mainstreaming them into his policies,” Johnson said. “He’s got a block out there that, I guess, that he’s beholden to.”



[Before the corrections, I just want to apologize for subjecting you to yet more Trump nastiness. Sigh. Can’t get very far away from it these days, sorry!] Now just focus with me, okay people? The corrections!!

  1. There are actually three boo-boos in this sentence. Yes. The first may be a typo. I don’t know. Should we let them off the hook for their “of the hook” phrase? I’m not so sure. Then, the most egregious of the three: “flaunting” which should be flouting. If you doubt me, please see the dictionary. A common error. The third is small, I actually missed it on first reading: “Courts” should be courts. Small “c.” Why? Because it’s not any specific court being discussed. It would be different if you said U.S. District Court or U.S. Court of Appeals, for example.
  2. I laughed out loud when I saw this. Did you as well? Of course they meant “holy crap.” Regarding the quotation marks – don’t sweat them. I corrected them here; they were a mess in the paper. Never mind. I don’t want to pollute your eyes further on that score.
  3. When you refer to a large number of people, such as a group who tends to vote a certain way, it’s called a bloc. Not a “block.” Unless the bloc is having a block party. 😀

Next week the Grammar Cop will have lots more bloopers for your education and, I hope, entertainment. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Friday Follies #101 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. I’ve seen quite a few “of/off” mistakes lately. I make the right sound in my head and go on. Some people will never learn. I’m thrilled to have the grammar cop on hand to guide me. I miss some of the things you pick up, like the lower-case court. We’re courting disaster, aren’t we?

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  2. Oh my, this made me laugh. It’s not often I find someone else as hinky as I am about grammar! 😉
    And the first thing that came to mind was Wholly Guacamole, something offered in the grocery stores around here.

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  3. 1-Three mistakes in one sentence qualifies as “off the chain”. The bigly one both flauts and flaunts simultaneously in or out of court.

    2-Which editor at this publication is wholly responsible for this negligent editing?

    3-A bloc of blockheads ending a sentence with a preposition. For shame. 🙂

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