I fought the wasp… and the wasp won!

Nine times out of ten, you’ll be on the losing end of a skirmish with a wasp… as I found out a few days ago.

Photo (cc) by Stefan van den Akker

So there I was, minding my own business (and don’t most wasp skirmishes start off that way?), sitting at a window seat in one of my favourite cafés…

I was about to take a second slurp from my delectable mochaccino, when I felt the tiniest little prick sensation on my left forefinger. Unthinkingly, and without looking, I brushed away the pinprick, which then suddenly felt more like a laser-like slash from a red-hot knife.

Oww!” I yelled, and levitated, reacting spontaneously to this acute (not “a cute”) starburst of pain.

I looked down uncomprehendingly at my finger, now pulsating with unbelievable pain. Spotting a flutter of movement out of the corner of my eye, I looked up, and there it was, the perpetrator, trying to look innocent, surfing along the window glass in all its black-and-yellow stripe-iness, yes – inside the store.

I am going to spare you acres of prose by just highlighing (lowlighting?) the events of the next hours and days.

  • Ran to café worker for help. Received ice cubes in bag. Helped, but not for long.
  • Ran across street to “Walk-in Clinic.” Put in quotes, because no bloody doctor available until two hours later. Not even a nurse. “Would you like to come back?” NO you idiot!!! I’m dying of pain NOW!!!!
  • Ran next door to pharmacy. Bought Lanacaine. Purported analgesic. Didn’t work. Did I want to buy an antihistamine? Never mind, I have some at home.
  • Owwwwwwwww!!!!
  • Made it home with two painstakingly (pardon pun) slow buses.
  • Spent several days coddling tortured swollen digit. Nothing of an anaphylactic nature, though, thank goodness.
  • Agony-filled days followed by worst. Itching. Ever.
  • That is where we stand now. Excuse me. Still scratttccchhhinggg!!!!

Take-away lesson: Watch out for wasps!!! A wasp sting is no joke. Trust me.


12 thoughts on “I fought the wasp… and the wasp won!

  1. Having been stung 3 times in my life, I can attest to the fact that “dammit, they hurt!!!” I hope your “boo-boo” gets better soon. I’m sure when the wasp got home, his Mrs. gave him hell for stinging someone nice like you.

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  2. I hope you’re all right now. That wasp sting you got would have killed me. The last time I was kissed by a wasp, I went into anaphylactic shock. I have to carry an epipen everywhere, but I’m not very clever: the epipen stays in my dresser drawer.

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  3. That’s terrible! Especially as you were inside the cafe. I hope you are feeling better now!
    I got rid of a small wasps’ nest and felt a bit bad about destroying their home. But given what you have described I’m glad I did! Healing energy to you! 🙂

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