Pssst! FREE!! Take a look…

Many of you know I published a memoir a while back about my stint as a script coordinator in the film and TV biz in Montreal. Here’s a free peek at the Table of Contents! 🙂

Book image 3D


Part One: Falling into the Biz

  • The first time
  • Okay, so what does a script coordinator do, anyway?
  • Rainbow revisions
  • Meeting the director
  • And you get a script, and you get a script, and you…
  • First set visit

Part Two: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  • The challenge
  • Backstories and stories

 Part Three: Allegro Films

  • Screamers: No, I am not a script “typist”!
  • The software from hell
  • A note about working conditions
  • A glitch in time…

Part Four: Kids in Orbit

  • The trouble with David
  • The launch of Season Two
  • Valri
  • Script dizziness
  • Good-bye to all that

Part Five: The Prisoner – A Willing Captive

  • Getting hired
  • Meeting “Number Six”
  • The Prisoner cult
  • Patrick the perfectionist
  • Revelations at the Ritz
  • California Dreaming Part I – Carmel
  • California Dreaming Part II – Family, food and work
  • California Dreaming Part III – Pebble Beach
  • California Dreaming Part IV – Winding down
  • Afterword

Part Six: The Hunger

  • Our driver has no car!
  • The beginning
  • Surviving with humour
  • Table reads – making myself useful
  • Writers – a sensitive bunch
  • The job jar
  • Second season shenanigans, featuring Tony Scott
  • Spoilers
  • One nice thing
  • The Hunger ends

Part Seven: Dark Days

  • Bette Midler’s defeat – and mine
  • The Ultimate horror
  • Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale – the Scriptmeister’s lament
  • Secret Agent Man – A new definition of “crazy”
  • I am pinched by the Winch

Part Eight: The Planets Are Aligned

  • Loss of Faith (aka The Truth About Lying)
  • Heist – Mamet moments
  • Jackie O.
  • Sherlock Holmes!
  • Caillou’s Corner
  • Cirque du Soleil

Part Nine: Extras

  • Minis
  • Docs
  • Productions françaises
  • Script critiques
  • One-offs
  • A quick word about star power

Part Ten: Fade to Black

  • End of an era
  • Fade out
  • So you want to be a script coordinator?
  • Goodbye gifts


  • Filmography
  • Script Lore – The Mystery of A & B Pages
  • The Prisoner Ethos
  • My Note re Prisoner Script Scene Headings
  • Photos from my Prisoner sojourn with Patrick McGoohan

Sound good? Head on over to Amazon to purchase your eBook or paperback copy!


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