Friday Follies #123 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Another week’s flown by, FF fanatics! The Grammar Cop has gathered a cool collection of crimes, just beCause. (Had to keep that “c” thing going!)

  1. “My mother and father were clearly unphased by this episode, because just a year later … they did it again.” (Intriguing quote, isn’t it? 😉 Never mind! Find the error!)
  2. “If RVS has retained this process for decades, it’s because parents are loathe to think that those who come after them would … We are not ‘forced’ to camp-out – we…”
  3. “My concern is that … if we’ve essentially taken our foot off the gas, it will likely again get delayed. We’re asking the administration to put it back on the front burner.”


The corrections:

  1. The spelling of “unphased” is wrong. The word is unfazed. Does this faze me? Nope.
  2. Two mistakes here. The first: the use of “loathe” is wrong. There is indeed a word, loathe, but it’s a verb, as in: I loathe snakes. Here, though, the correct word is the adjective, loath. It means reluctant or disinclined. The second error in this quote is “camp-out.” Why, you may ask? Well, some of you may ask, and to those people I say: Because. No, seriously, you should not insert a hyphen there. It should say We are not ‘forced’ to camp out. It’s not a compound adjective. Rather, it’s just a verb, camp, followed by out, which is an adverb. I hope you’re not confuuuuused!
  3. There is no grammatical mistake here, nor any spelling gaffe. So what’s wrong with it? This quote demonstrates a perfect example of mixed metaphors. Note that in the first line, there’s a driving metaphor: “taken our foot off the gas.” Then, right after that, there’s a cooking metaphor: “on the front burner.” I’d suggest sticking with one or the other! Otherwise you will get confused and take your foot off the burner.

That’s it for today’s bloopers. I think I’ve sown some seeds of correct writing, and I hope I drove them home!

12 thoughts on “Friday Follies #123 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. 1-Perhaps they were going through a faze.
    2-I am loath to wonder what they are talking about and I also loathe camping.
    3-This entry really made me LOL! I am a big fan of mixed metaphors and malapropisms! It’s entirely possible they didn’t feel like cooking and were driving to get take-away. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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