Pigeon Patio

On my way to the local supermarket, I always have to pass the same area. It’s apparently a first-class bird restaurant – in spite of the clearly marked sign: PLEASE DON’T FEED THE BIRDS.

Pigeon potluck
The Definition of Irony

The sign is there precisely to avoid the scene you can see above. The city does not want these scavengers hanging around our houses and shopping areas.

Personally, I don’t see what’s so terrible about allowing pigeons to feed in this weedy corner, sandwiched (pardon pun) between two streets. But I have no say. Anyway, these clever birds seem to have taken matters into their own… talons? Because – notwithstanding that stern sign – someone (not I!!) frequently sees fit to scatter crumbs all over that spot, and then it’s pigeon-feasting time! With the occasional seagull (we’re not far from the river) or crow sniffing around the periphery, too. Wait, do birds sniff??

It’s funny to watch them. They have odd little social rituals which sometimes involve a large fat pigeon-bully (I’m guessing male) chasing a smaller (female?) bird around. By “chasing” I mean they walk fast. They don’t run or fly during this ritual. Does he want to chat her up, or… does he have more salacious designs upon her? Hmm. Who knows… but for the duration of the chase, no snacking on any food is going on. Usually the situation resolves itself when the female gets fed up (pardon pun again) and flies off in a huff. Perhaps to file a suit for sexual harassment. I wish her well!

15 thoughts on “Pigeon Patio

  1. Clever post! And they call them bird brains! They know where their bread is buttered and people are probably taking tidbits from their bread baskets and scattering them for the pigeons. Pigeons are dirty birds and the gulls spot food a mile away. We had a woman in a corner house on the next street who popped popcorn and scattered it all over her lawn, the sidewalk and the street. You could not drive down this busy cross-street without feeling like you were in a scene from “The Birds” – it was crazy.

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  2. For too long these poor birds have been pigeon-holed (pun intended 🙂 ) as unwanted city-dwellers. They are actually smart, recognise faces and can be trained to spot survivors in sinking boats at sea. Carrier pigeons saved thousands of lives during both World Wars. OK, they do poop all over. But I’ll take pigeons over rude humans every time! 🙂

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    1. Pigeon-holed – har! Yes, I know they’re smart – I seem to remember seeing black-and-white videos of them showing their intelligence, in my Experimental Psych class. Believe me, I’m no human chauvinist. “Hauvinist”? Whatever. 😉

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  3. I’d say this post is completely for the birds, but…hey, wait… IT IS!!! 😀

    Watch out for those bully birds. I think some of them have “gorilla” training! Animal pun. Hah!!! 🙂

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