Spring Memories

With warmer weather around the corner (hopefully!), my thoughts have turned back to…


…this! Memories that make me wistful. My friends and I roller-skated all day long, back in the day! You?

Published on Jan 30, 2008
A 8mm film done by my sister while in high school for a class project in the 70’s with music by Melanie that I transferred to tape. Location Wichita Kansas.
Standard YouTube License
“Brand New Key” by Melanie ( • )

20 thoughts on “Spring Memories

    1. Glad you liked it! I think it’s great, too! I have no info on the video creator other than the name/link etc. right under the video. Click on it; you might be able to track her down. So well done, for high school, amazing!

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      1. We did skate in the street! We knew better than to do it on our own, though. On a warm summer evening, our parents would stand in the street with us so that we could skate. Our street happened to be a state highway that led to town, so we wouldn’t have done it in the daytime.

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  1. This was a cute video and I remember that song. I’ve never been roller skating but my mom was an avid roller skater back in the day. Then she was hit by a car at age 11 in 1937 and spent the next four years in Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. Sadly, her roller skating days were over and every step she took the rest of her life would be painful. But Mom would tell me that the neighborhood kids would walk up the steep St. Claren’s Avenue (in Toronto) and when they got to Dundas Street, they would strap on their skates and go downhill at breakneck speed. She was fearless and I was always a chicken, too afraid for my life. 🙂 (P.S. – I wasn’t so hot on ice skates either.) At Council Point Park, there is a woman, the same age as me, who routinely roller blades. She is petite and whizzes along and sometimes she’ll slow down to roll along at my pace. I wrote about her in this post and you’ll see her photo. She is into yoga and teaches it to senior citizens as well. I may walk four or five miles a day but sometimes I feel like a sloth. https://lindaschaubblog.net/2017/07/21/merrily-we-roll-along/

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