A Pointed Anniversary

Over twenty years ago I was diagnosed with MS. I’m extremely lucky that it stabilized at a very mild level, and usually I forget I even have it.

The only symptoms I ever had were sensory ones, never motor. I wrote all about my MS saga here in a series:

What’s Wrong With Me!

What’s Wrong With Me! Episode Two: MRIs Don’t Tell Lies

What’s Wrong With Me! Episode Three: 1997 – The Plot Thickens

What’s Wrong With Me! Episode Four: Hell and Back…

What’s Wrong With Me! Episode Five – Saved by the Net

What’s Wrong With Me! The Final Episode.

But next Tuesday, May 1, 2018 will be the twentieth anniversary of when I first stuck a needle into my thigh. On purpose.

My neurologist had given me a choice: Pick one of the three “immunomodulators” that existed at the time. Unfortunately, all were injectables. (Now there are a number of oral medications, but in 1998 – nope.) I chose Copaxone, which seemed the one with the least number of side effects.

Even though the injections of this drug were “only” subcutaneous – i.e. done with a small needle to a depth of just .5 inch, rather than with a one-inch needle, intramuscular – I still wasn’t crazy about the idea of sticking a sharp pointed instrument into myself. In fact, as I sat there in the MS clinic, having watched the nurse demonstrate how to do it on an orange, as my hand held the needle above my thigh, trembling ever so slightly, in my head I thought: “AIEEEEEEEEEE!”

But I took a deep breath and PLUNGED IT IN. It only stung a tad.

This goes to show that you can get used to just about anything.

P.S. – I don’t do the shots anymore and my MS is stable. I keep telling my neurologist that I must be his most boring patient ever.  He doesn’t mind, though, and still wants me to visit him every year. I do, and we talk about stuff. 😀


24 thoughts on “A Pointed Anniversary

  1. Injecting oneself seems super intimidating to me!

    When I was 8, I got my Tetanus booster and jumped so hard they had to give it to me TWICE! Since then, I’ve gotten a lot better…

    Very glad to hear that your MS stabilized at such a workable level. I’ll cross my fingers that it stays there and your flares never come.

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    1. Yeah, hmm, do you remember if it was a ‘big’ intramuscular needle or a ‘small’ subcutaneous one? The ‘bigger’ one would’ve hurt more.
      Thanks so much for that; all crossed fingers will help! 🙂

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        1. I have friends who do German longsword.

          Fun fact. They ship live (as opposed to blunt) blades covered in oil, so they won’t dry out. So, you usually want to wipe the excess oil off. CAREFULLY.

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  2. ‘Enjoyed’ reading all episodes…pardon the “quotation” mark. You have experienced quite the series of ordeals and am pleased that you have survived. I shall be forwarding your experiences to someone whom I hope will appreciate the issues you have had and who, one day, will be as equally content.

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    1. Well thank you, Kevin. I appreciate your appreciation! 😀 And thanks for passing the link(s) along! The game of life has a lot of luck involved, I think. Sigh.


  3. I am glad your MS is stable now, and it is good to be boring sometimes, especially regarding your health. I would like to read the series from diagnosis to plateau and will do so later. You can breathe a sign of relief now … go ahead and exhale deeply.

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