Friday Follies #133 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

The Grammar Cop can’t help gritting her teeth over these gag-inducing faux pas.

  1. “Then again maybe he should have payed it so he can learn his lesson.”
  2. “We cannot as Canadians chose to live in fear.”
  3. “Fixed base rent for three years for new resident’s signing a lease before June 30th, 2018”


The corrections:

  1. The past tense of “pay”: I paid, you paid, s/he paid, we paid, you paid, they paid. NOwhere, on no planet, at any time, is it “payed”!
  2. Confusion reigns supreme. The present tense of choose is – choose. (The PAST tense is chose.) So why the confusion? Some people seem to think the word follows the same spelling rules as “lose.” It doesn’t. Present tense: choose, but: lose. In both cases, the “s” is pronounced like a “z.” Why does one word have two “o”s but the other has only one? Why is the sky blue? Stop it. 😀
  3. Question: When do we use an apostrophe-s for a plural? Answer: NEVER! It should be residents.

What would you do without the Grammar Cop? Srsly. (Wanna buy a vowel?  😀 )

13 thoughts on “Friday Follies #133 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. It’s so good to read blogs like this.

    My current pet peeve (other than the misuse of the term “begs the question”) is the trend to capitalize words the writer deems too important to follow the English rules of grammar. So far, I haven’t seen this in newspaper or magazine articles, but otherwise it’s happening everywhere. Some of President Trump’s tweets have them.

    Whenever I see it, I find it jarring and it takes me away from the story I’m trying to read.

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    1. Oh! Me too, I can’t Stand when People Do that!! Sometimes it’s not even with “importance’ in mind; it’s just random! Bugs the heck out of me too!
      Re the so-called president’s tweets: look away! Look away! Yeesh.

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  2. Yikes – I have seen all these faux pas as well and I have to think that the second example was a media boo-boo because wasn’t that PM Justin Trudeau’s statement after the Toronto incident last week?

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