Cat Café – Clever Cuteness

I’m happy to report that there are a number of kitty oases we can go to in Montreal to see and pet the sweetest felines ever! My daughter and I paid a fun visit to one of them last Sunday for lunch, at Café Chat L’heureux (French for: Happy Cat Café).

Rules to follow!

In addition to menus, the café gives each table a laminated booklet with photos, names and descriptions of all the cats – they are the stars of the show. And wow, you should see what they’ve done to make the space feline-friendly! There are many shelves, high runways going through small openings in the walls, steps leading up, toys all over – it’s really a kitty playground, and we were among the “guests” on their turf.  Here are a few pics we snapped. They really don’t do justice to the place, though. We’ll just have to go back and take more!








P.S. – Please don’t tell Annie I was here. She might be a tad jealous! 😀



15 thoughts on “Cat Café – Clever Cuteness

  1. Hmm – I “C” you were being très clever with the alliteration Ellie. This cat cafe is a clever idea and I have a cat friend who will just love this story, so I’ll send her the link She lives in New York in a rural area and has three cats of her own, plus she fosters several feral cats all year around on her back deck as well. What a great place to just relax … I wonder if we have places like that here? (Not that I could go as I’m allergic to cats, though I’ve taken allergy shots for years and used to take care of my neighbor’s short-haired cat when Marge was on vacation and didn’t experience issues.)

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      1. Carol will get a kick out of it, and the link to the Cafe (imagine the diacritical mark) as well.

        About the allergies …

        I started getting shots in 1975 (mold, dust, pet dander, and Summer allergies). Took the shots until 1995 and went once a month after I got in the “maintenance phase” which takes about 18 months of shots (first weekly, then every other week, every 3rd week). Dr. Blanks was going to retire the end of 1995. He told me that I did not have to stay on the shots and the doctor taking over his practice did not have great office hours – no Saturdays and not open one night until 8:00 p.m. like Dr. Blanks had been. I was told I could quit for good. Eight years later my allergies came back with a vengeance, but this time, instead of going crazy when the ragweed came out in August, I sneezed my head off in the Spring. Back I went to the allergist and got tested. Allergic to everything I was before, but now had Spring allergies, so now as soon as the grass and leaves come out, I start to sneeze. Nothing is out right now … maybe in a few days, but I put myself on OTC “Alavert” a few weeks ago, so I am prepared. It will be over by Independence Day, and quite honestly, if that is the only thing wrong with me, I really shouldn’t complain, but it is a pain nonetheless. 🙂

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        1. Yes, but that is my only malady, so I’ll grin and bear it. My mom had multiple medical issues, so I am always mindful that I have good health and don’t take it for granted.

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