Friday Follies #141 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

The Grammar Cop has found glitches by the gazillion, FF fans! But do not worry, she won’t inundate you with the entire bunch. Today you get just a teensy sampling – all you can handle! 😁

  1. “Where summer really happens! Open Wednesday’s, Friday’s, and Saturday’s”
  2. “With the passage of the legalization bill by the Senate on Thursday evening, things are becoming more clear for businesses that plan to enter the market.”
  3. “…a memoir of his survival of the Holocaust in Romania, and his life after the war in Israel and than Montreal since 1959.”


And the corrections:

  1. Isn’t this ugly? The only time I can imagine a day of the week with a possessive ‘s ending would be in a phrase such as Wednesday’s special or a sentence like Friday’s performance is sold out.  But in this ad, the writer clearly meant to say that the place is open every Wednesday etc. So it should say Open Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. (And note that the comma after Fridays, called a serial comma or Oxford comma, is optional.)
  2. See it? “More clear”? No! The word here in the comparative form is clearer. Point finale.*
  3. Yes, even in this sad context, the Grammar Cop cares about grammar. What can I say? It’s her métier.** The word “than” is incorrect here. When we want the meaning to indicate time, e.g. It happened last year, We need to say it happened then. Therefore in this sentence: …his life after the war in Israel and then Montreal since 1959.

This wraps up another bunch o’ blunders, folks. Stay tuned for NEXT WEEK, June 29th, when Friday Follies brings you a midsummer QUIZ as promised! SEE how much you’ve learned! SEE how much you HAVEN’T learned! 😅 SEE you then!

*I am showing off my French. Point finale means Period.
**métier = Showing off yet again. It means job or trade.



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