Windows on the Past – 1969-1973

How time flies! In 1969, I had one child.

Ellie + Kathryn
Baby Kathryn and me

But little Kathryn grew… and then there was a new baby! As for yours truly, well, with Jeremy’s arrival, I had to decide on going au naturel with my hair, which meant letting the curls take their toll. Straightening it was just too much work for a busy mom.

Kathryn, Jeremy & Ellie 1973
1973. In front: Kathryn & Jeremy.
Bringing up the rear: Ellie (me), aka Mom.

By the way, for sharp-eyed readers, that is indeed the same black turtle-neck jersey I am wearing in both photos! Look, I hang onto things I love, okay? 😁 Like my fabulous kids, now accomplished adults! So proud of them!



16 thoughts on “Windows on the Past – 1969-1973

  1. I love look-back blog posts. I dressed the same way circa 1973 … turtleneck sweater, those short wool patchwork or multi-colored vests and the button-up jeans. We all dressed alike back in the day. Your hair is a mess of curls now as well. 🙂

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    1. Yes, now picture this. In the top photo, my vest was real *suede*. With fringe at the hem. Oooh! And in the next pic, the vest was all multi-coloured blocks, and one of the colours was a perfect match for the coloured jeans: brick-red. Mmmm! 😀

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  2. 1969? Let’s see. Where was I and what was I doing? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I remember people wearing brick-red jeans! They were cool, man!

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    1. Heh, yes, but impossible because that duplex we were renting got demolished (as did the whole block of them) to make way for the Decarie Square shopping mall.


    2. Oh wait I made a mistake, Jer. Wrong duplex! This one still exists! We could go there together when you visit here this fall! 4987 Borden Ave. in NDG! 😁


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