Friday Follies #143 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Hi again, FF aficionados! My favourite weekly rag newspaper continues to provide the Grammar Cop with abominations galore!

Try these on for size:

  1. “For Gina Brillon, comedy has been the ultimate career choice for her since she was a kid growing up in The Bronx.”
  2. “…removing fallen leafs or grass clippings – by using rakes to gather everything and then putting them in bags for composting.”
  3. “Comedy fans and golf enthusiasts alike will always have Harold Ramis’ way out 1980 movie comedy ‘Caddyshack’ in their collective conscience as one of the funniest movies of that genre that focused on that sport.”


The corrections:

  1. Did the two instances of “for” jump out at you? They did to the Grammar Cop – they jumped up and knocked her out, in fact. She needed 20 minutes of recuperation time until she could move on and correct the sentence this way: Comedy has been the ultimate career choice for Gina Brillon since she was a kid growing up in The Bronx. (By the way, the capitalized The is correct here. I Googled it. 😁 Apparently it’s considered to be part of the official name of the New York borough.)
  2. Fallen “leafs”? Not unless the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey players all fall down on the ice. Or perhaps they have fallen metaphorically, such as having sinned against their lovely hockey wives… NO! When we refer to the plural of leaf other than the hockey team, it’s always leaves. Never “leafs.”
  3. We can see several problems here. First, although there is much debate out there in grammar-land, the Grammar Cop insists on adding apostrophe-s to a name that ends in s, to make it possessive – so it should be Harold Ramis’s. Second, “way out” needs a hyphen since it’s a compound adjective: way-out 1980 movie comedy. Third, the horrible three-time repetition of “that” has to go. Instead of “funniest movies of that genre that focused on that sport” – we can simply say funniest of that genre, or funniest of that genre involving golf. There’s always a way to rewrite something to avoid repetition; find it. Fourth, the movie “Caddyshack” was awful! Juvenile, silly and inept. Case closed. 😜

The Grammar Cop’s work is done for the day. The rest is up to you. Stay cool in this hot summer! ☀️ 🍉 🍦 🍺 🌊

8 thoughts on “Friday Follies #143 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. 1. Are you sure it’s not “Da Bronx?”

    2. When I read the original sentence I *did* have visions of big, burly men in navy-blue jerseys lying on the ice, being swept up by the Zamboni!

    3. That that is a sensitive subject for you is easy for all to see since that is what you wrote. Also that editorial comment of what you think of that movie was hilarious!

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  2. 1-For crying out loud! (John is correct. It is Da Bronx.)
    2-Be thankful they didn’t write leafz, grass clippingz or bagz.
    3-I never saw that film as I don’t care for that sort of comedy like that. Fore! 🙂

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  3. 3) Should there be a comma somewhere in that? Or am I suffering from a lack of oxygen.

    Truly a wonder that kids can spell anything these dayz. Even here in the Souf, they use a z instead of an s, it’s sacrilegious.

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    1. 3) With the fix I suggest in my corrections, the sentence is shorter so you could manage it on one breath, I’m sure. Poor Ron. 😂
      I am impressed that you can spell “sacrilegious.” You’re not *from* the Souf, are you?!

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