Hail to the CHEF!

What a great supper dish: light and healthy, and best of all – I didn’t have to make it!

I really lucked out with a housemate who loves to cook. Here is John’s little masterpiece we enjoyed earlier.


This light ‘n’ airy omelet has characteristics of both quiche and soufflé. Maybe we can coin a new word for it – quoufflé. Err, or maybe suiche. Okay, neither one; do you have a better idea?!

What’s in it, you may ask. Here’s a cross-section to give you a better idea:


Astute observers will note onions and green peppers, and – what’s that creamy stuff… could it be…? Yes! Mozzarella cheese! Because I don’t like cheddar, alright?  😬😄

Of course John threw in lots of herbs and spices, so his creation tasted divine. But the best ingredient of all was l-o-v-e. 😍

John+Ellie-May 2019

Thanks, John! ❤


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