A Glimpse of Pretty Westmount…

A glimpse of pretty Westmount on a sunny day.

On a short walk, we passed by some charming houses on Victoria Avenue in tony Westmount, nestled within the borders of Montreal.

Westmount houses

Let’s focus more on the pink house. Isn’t it lovely?

Westmount pink house

Vibrant flowers in mid-October! I don’t know their names, but maybe some kind reader will let us know in the comments below!


Gorgeous begonias and coleus still going strong in October. I sure hope we don’t get the snowstorms they just had in Manitoba!

Begonias etc.

I should have taken more photos! Silly me; it’s not like we have to pay for film anymore, is it?! 😄


9 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Pretty Westmount…

  1. Beautiful pictures. In the flower picture I believe the purple are wave petunias and the bright pink flowers with dark green leaves are New Guinea Impatient. I’m not sure about the rest but would love to know what the plant with the large red leaves is. It makes for a dazzling display.

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