Friday Follies #206 – Post-Halloween QUIZ

Let’s see how much you’ve been paying attention to Friday Follies – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time. 😃

Choose the correct answer to fill in each blank line. (No, you can’t type on here! Find a napkin and a pen!) There are 21 answers in all, each worth one point, so scoring will be out of 21. (Correct answers are given at the end. Don’t peek! 😉)

  1. Mom gave us free ______ (reign, rein, rain) when we made our Halloween costumes.
  2. We had to go to ______ (too, two, to) stores in order _____ (too, two, to) find what we needed for our costumes.
  3. We didn’t _____ (lose, loose) any time in deciding on our costumes.
  4. We went trick-or-treating with _____ (hoards, hordes) of other kids.
  5. We took our mom’s _____ (advise, advice) and painted on our masks instead of wearing ones that _____ (affected, effected) our vision.
  6. When we _____ (choose, chose) our costumes, we got to _____ (chose, choose) our makeup too.
  7. The dog wore _____ (it’s, its) clown costume with good humour.
  8. Social media _____ (were, was, we’re) full of stories on Halloween.
  9. Adults who greeted us tried to _____ (infer, imply) what we were dressed up as.
  10. It was hard to _____ (breath, breathe) with his Halloween mask on.
  11. _____ (There, their, they’re) costumes were adorned with pom-poms and ribbons.
  12. If we had known any Halloween songs, we would _____ (of, have) _____ (sang, sung) them.
  13. I _____ (loathe, loath) getting apples in my Halloween loot bag.
  14. There were large _____ (swathes, swaths) of every block where the houses had no lights on.
  15. It’s a _____ (priveledge, privalege, privilege, priviledge, privilidge) for kids to get candy for Halloween.
  16. He was _____ (incredible, incredulous) when he was told he had to stay home on Halloween because he had a bad cold.
  17. The kid _____ (who’s, whose) costume looked like Superman was taller than my dad!




ANSWERS: Scroll down. Scroll waaayyyyyy down!











  1. rein
  2. two, to
  3. lose
  4. hordes
  5. advice, affected
  6. chose, choose
  7. its
  8. were
  9. infer
  10. breathe
  11. Their
  12. have, sung
  13. loathe
  14. swaths
  15. privilege
  16. incredulous
  17. whose


19-21 correct: Congrats! You’ve been paying attention! Pat yourself on the back!

16-18 correct: Not too shabby! Keep on reading FFs columns! You’re getting there!

12-15 correct: Sort of kind of maybe fair-to-good. 😀 Keep on reading FFs!

11 or less correct: Oh noooo! Immediate repair is needed! You should go back and read all 205 previous Friday Follies columns. And next time you’ll do much better!

6 thoughts on “Friday Follies #206 – Post-Halloween QUIZ

  1. 100%. But I have to admit that on some of the questions I had to think when looking at the choices. One (well, I at least), tends to second guess oneself when presented with a myriad of choices. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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