Windows on the Past – Six

Six years, or thereabouts – that’s what all these pics have in common.

Okay, I guess we’ll start with this little girl…


…me! Circa 1951. There I am, standing on the stairs of the apartment building we lived in, at 5473 Decarie Boulevard in Montreal. Oh, the building doesn’t exist anymore, for some reason demolished (along with 5471 Decarie, next to it) to make way for a couple of ugly, squat grey buildings housing a few stores and bland services.

I’m wearing a fancy party dress and Mary Jane party shoes probably because it was my aunt’s wedding day. Exciting!

A couple of decades or so later, we have two little cuties produced by yours truly…

This is little Kathryn circa 1975, and Jeremy circa 1978. They were both around six in these  photos taken by a school photographer.

One last pic of another cute six-year-old…

Boo-boo - 6 yrs approx.

This was Boo-boo, my late mother’s precious little dog. He was a Yorkie mix, so affectionate and attached to my mom. That’s a rare pic of him not on her lap! 😄

mom pic0001

This was more like it!



7 thoughts on “Windows on the Past – Six

  1. Ellie,
    I inherited that dress you were wearing in 1951. I never knew where it came from until today. I will try and find the picture and send it or post it.

    Liked by 1 person

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