What makes you cry? Laugh? Grateful?

These are a few of my pandemic-fuelled emotional touchstones.

woman holding white and blue mask
Photo by Kaspars Misins on Pexels.com

What makes me cry:

  1. All the thousands of deaths… 😢
  2. Hearing about even one death… it’s a terribly tragic story.
  3. The crazy U.S. ‘president’… I cry in frustration!
  4. I miss contact with family and friends… we can’t hug on Zoom!
  5. Healthcare workers sacrificing their own health!

What makes me laugh:

  1. My boyfriend John Boone! He has the wackiest sense of humour and the most incredible talent for improvised puns I’ve ever encountered!
  2. Stephen Colbert. Even these days, when he’s broadcasting from home!
  3. Trevor Noah. Ditto.
  4. Old Carol Burnett skits on YouTube. She was one of a kind!
  5. My cat, Annie, when she does silly things – like walk allll the way around the loveseat to jump up on me, at my left side where the armrest is, instead of jumping up directly where my feet are on the footrest.

What makes me grateful:

  1. Abundant food!
  2. Healthcare workers!
  3. Postal workers!
  4. Transportation workers!
  5. Bank workers; in fact, all essential-services workers, giving their all, for us!


10 thoughts on “What makes you cry? Laugh? Grateful?

  1. I agree-the news is devastating and I have cried often. Hearing about those that are putting themselves on the front lines and then perishing is just heartbreaking. So many people out of work. It will take a long time for things to get better. (I can’t comment on the orange one as my computer would probably melt.)

    I’ve read lots of funny blog posts! Kudos to those who keep us all laughing.

    I’m grateful I’m not ill, have my own little cottage and plenty to eat. 🙂 And a fast internet connection and endless tv programmes!

    I do hope nations recognise the sacrifices all their essential workers are making and do something for them.

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    1. I’m so grateful to you, Mer, for your spot-on comments – not the least of which is this one. Yes, I agree it will take a long time to regroup… but it will, and especially under a democratic/Democratic president like Biden – someone with empathy and intelligence and respect for facts!

      You forgot to mention “Henri”! Surely you’re grateful for him too! 😀


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  2. Ditto to EVERYTHING! On the lighter side, do you remember how Tim Conway would break Harvey Korman up every. single. time?
    I loved the scene where they were playing german officers and Tim had a puppet that sang “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah…..”
    The Carol Burnett Show was my fave when I was a kid!
    Mother Marcus still slays me!

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