Windows on the Past – Motherhood pics 1970-75…

Reminiscing with time on my hands…

Kathy + Ellie 1970
1970. This is where my daughter Kathryn’s love for party sandwiches originated!
1970. Ready to go to Belmont Park, our pre-La-Ronde amusement park!
Adventures in Greece, 1971
Jer about 4 wks old
Baby #2, Jeremy, 1972.
Jer-adorable at 3
1975. Jeremy in the playground. Time to buy him a bigger t-shirt, don’t you think? 😆
Ellie Presner & parenting book / book cover
2019. I gained my experience honestly.

To order How to be an (Almost) Perfect Parent, go to Enjoy! 😀


21 thoughts on “Windows on the Past – Motherhood pics 1970-75…

    1. Thanks, Ron! Glad you enjoyed your virtual visit!
      BTW – a tech question, while I have your attention! Are you familiar with either Skype or Zoom? If so, would you agree that Zoom is far more user-friendly? I’m frustrated because this fellow I know running a group of around 30 people insists on doing it on Skype which I’m having a lot of issues with. (Whereas I’ve been in Zoom groups with no problem!) I have an iMac and also an iPhone. Tried Skype on both; both problematic!

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      1. Hi Ellie. I used Skype in the past, but then Microsoft took it over. Sadly, anything MS touches usually goes downhill fast. I think Zoom will be okay, It is having growing pains like everyone else since the increase of people using social distancing. Claims of data slurping, but if you use Google, Alexa, or Facebook, all your information is already out there.

        I will use it over Skype.

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  1. Absolutely great post! I love old pictures. Such a nice slice of life. I’m digging the long ponytails! You were working those shades too! Seems like yesterday, huh?
    Your babies were super cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved the ‘Mary Quant’ look of the mid-late sixties, into the early 70s. So cool – I tried to emulate it as best I could! The ponytails – you wouldn’t believe the work it took to get my hair straight-ish! (It’s naturally curly – like my daughter’s!) Thanks for your sweet comments, G!! ❤


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