12 thoughts on “Laughter: The Universal Language – #171

  1. That was hilarious. Poor souls. I have to now admit phobias of my own. I have a fear of the number 6. I don’t want to be 6th in line or have anything to do with that number. I don’t schedule anything for 6:00 , etc. You get my drift.

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    1. Yes, and believe me, I’d be the last person to ridicule folks with phobias (notwithstanding this hilarious video)! I also had a phobia many years ago: driving on highways and over bridges. Overcame it with cognitive behaviour therapy and also hypnotherapy (just two sessions!). Your number 6 phobia is interesting. There’s a specific name for fear of the number 13, but I doubt if there’s one for 6. Maybe you should coin one! 😀

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      1. I think it’s the numerical symbolism of Satan. I mean, if you have a biblical understanding of the seal of the beast. I’m not a deeply religious person, although I’m in the so-called bible belt of the country.

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        1. Right. That’s a very bad number.

          I’m not religious in the sense of going to church but I recognize God as my source. It’s the rituals I fall short on but I’m such a nonconformist. I was designed this as such.

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        2. Thank you.

          The thing of it, going against the grain puts you on the outside of everything. And there are times when looking at everyone around. observing from the perimeter is not only ideal but safe. It’s liberating once you accept it but until then, it can be a rough ride. I’m on smooth ground now. 🙂

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