10 things I’ve learned…

…while living with someone, after living alone for decades!

John+Ellie-May 2019

  1. Different does not mean wrong. (There’s more than one way to wash dishes. Apparently. 😅)
  2. There is always somewhere (else) for the blame to go when something goes awry. (And the kudos when things go swell!)
  3. The bed is not really queen-sized. (I stand by this assessment.)
  4. When out walking, I take smaller steps than I thought. (Hard to keep up with him.)
  5. Some men have perfect aim, in the bathroom. (TMI?)
  6. Some people hate filing papers even more than I do. (Putting them in a neat-ish pile doesn’t count!)
  7. There are more cleaning products out there than you can ever imagine, you learn. (Your housemate swears he’s not a germaphobe, but…)
  8. Some men love cooking. (Who knew?! 😛)
  9. It’s possible to share a one-bedroom apartment and not feel cramped. (Except maybe in the non-queen-sized bed.)
  10. It is possible to fall in love and live together in harmony, pandemic lockdowns notwithstanding.

I love you, John Boone! ❤

6 thoughts on “10 things I’ve learned…

  1. Beautiful! Thanks

    Two unique but different perspectives makes the world go rounder! If only we can see it from those perspectives and not be all frenzied up with the differences.
    Surely, there are more than one way to wash dishes – handwashing and dishwashing; soap on the sponge first vs. soap on the plate first; wash all dishes first before group-rinsing or wash and rinse as you go; let dishes air-dry vs. drying them with dish towel; etc. 😂🤣

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