Pandemic Parking

You can see a lot from the 14th floor.


Okay, it’s a dismal day, but here’s our view from the kitchen window. See the street on the left and the one on the right? Sooo many infractions on display, all day every day.

You can see such abominations as:

  • Ass End Out – That’s when the driver noses into a spot but doesn’t straighten out. The back end of the car is sticking out into what should be a clear lane for passing cars. It’s an accident waiting to happen.
  • Wrong Way Corrigan – That street on the right is only one way, but too many drivers get half-way down, then realize, “Hey, this isn’t the way I want to go,” turn around and drive up the wrong way. (Wrong-Way Corrigan was an infamous pilot!)
  • Miles From Curb – Variation of Ass End Out: They “park” the car but they’re in such a hurry, oh my goodness, gotta get out, gotta go, they’ll screech into a “spot” and run into a nearby house – but the darn car is about a half-metre from the curb! (Americans: that’s about 20 inches too far!)
  • Stop Sign Allergy – Finally a much-needed stop sign was erected on the street on the left, near an intersection (not shown). Drivers would barely tap their foot on the brake, and then continue. Their speed probably went from 30 to 28 and back to 30! Emails to police: then a flashing light was put there. Car speeds slowed to, maybe, 27. Apparently real brakes are optional accessories – as are turn signals!

I’m glad we have no car now. We are relegated to the status of observers. And what we see is criminal!

6 thoughts on “Pandemic Parking

  1. It’s amazing how many people are poor drivers/parkers/stop-sign-runners! And it’s almost as bad in the country as it is in the city. As I also walk everywhere, it’s really annoying when the drivers ignore the walk signal!

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