Annie & the “Interloper”

Who knew winning her over would be so hard? Or… maybe it just took patience?

Annie first met John (aka the “Interloper”) when he visited us in Montreal in the spring of 2016. (He and I had been long-distance friends for some months before that.) Her reaction to him can best be summed up with a “hmpf.” She was not, shall we say, impressed.

However! When he cat-sat for her for a few days in the fall of that same year, look what happened!


I can only imagine that it’s an example of the Stockholm Syndrome, in which a hostage begins to bond with her captor. Or did the captor bond with the hostage? 😀

Fast-forward two years later. John moved in with me – I mean us – in September, 2018. The very next day I snapped a pic of him and Annie, now studiously wary of him. Not for her, his nice warm lap. She was back to her “hmpf” attitude, or should I say catitude:


And she managed to avoid his lap for these last two-and-a-half years – until yesterday!


Oh, the triumph of it! 😅

Mind you, it helped that he covered himself with “her” blanket, and he was reclining on “my” side of the loveseat. But still! 😃

Oh, sweet smell of success!



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