A Step Back…

…for now. Today I posted the following online messaage:


Hi, family, friends, and followers!
I’ve decided I have to take a break from social media for a while. It’s a question of time. I need more of it, to read the dozens of great books waiting for me on my Kindle and bookshelves… and more time, perhaps, for my own writing and book promotion.

I’ll keep up my blog (www.elliepresner.com), but only occasionally. When I do write a post, I’ll place links to it online wherever it seems fitting.
If anyone has an urgent message for me, there’s always Messenger or regular text.

Hope you all keep safe and well!

Hi again. So this means that my Laughter posts and Friday Follies posts will be on hiatus for some time. Sad but necessary, as I regroup. I’ve been keeping this blog going for almost 6 years! You could say I’m taking a sabbatical. See you when the pandemic is over, hopefully!!! And probably by then, I’ll be a (re-)married woman! 😄😍💞

Keep well!


12 thoughts on “A Step Back…

    1. Aw! Depends on a lot of things – it may be a very teensy event! We’ll see. We’ll keep in touch for sure – hope you and Murray are doing OK! And puppy! 💕❤️💝


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