So much to read… so little time!

I’m referring to the dozens, nay, scores of books on my Kindle.

To read: Just a tiny sampling!

It seems that all the years I devoted to Facebook and other social media, I was ignoring the reading material piling up on my Kindle Fire tablet. I say “piling up” because, well, I was a compulsive hunter-gatherer of books. 

Let’s face it – there are only so many hours in a day. It was amazing how the time could go, as I flew down the rabbit hole while scanning Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress blogs and Quora, posting, commenting, questioning, answering, not to mention: Email! Oh my goodness, that’s another thing I was addicted to – daily newsletters from major newspapers and other news sources, and that obsession really ramped up during the US election, impeachment, insurrection (!) etc.

But I bit the bullet and put myself “on vacation” from social media, and unencumbered myself from most newsletters.

And now: books! I’ve finished the glorious “25 Great Sentences and How They Got That Way” by my fellow blogger, Geraldine Woods. Now I’ve started “The Perfect Sister” by Sheryl Browne. Only a few hundred left to go! I’ll be able to read them all if I live to be as old as Abraham’s wife, Sarah (127 yrs.)! But will I live that long? Only time will tell! 😁

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