I’ll give it 10 more minutes

This is my test for new TV shows.

A show may not start off with a bang, and then I may soon begin to feel some version of “Hmm… is this worth my time?” as I reach for the remote to change channels…

But wait! Now I say to myself, “I’ll give it 10 more minutes.” If it doesn’t grab me by then, whether via suspense, laughs, mystery, or some strong emotion evoked in me, I give it the boot.

Face it, there are just so many TV programs to watch (not to mention social media to wade through, books to read, etc…), I haven’t time for slogging through second-rate shows.

So, according to my ‘stringent’ requirements, here are some TV shows I have found well worth watching over the last couple of years. I urge you to catch them if you have access to them. Here they are, in alphabetical order, each one followed by a very short description. IMDb links provided.

9-1-1 – firefighters in LA and their dramatic stories.

Better Call Saul – shady lawyer Saul Goodman (from Breaking Bad) in New Mexico

Big Sky – outlaws and women detectives in Montana 

Blue Bloods – NYC family with long history in law enforcement

Elementary – Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson solve mysteries in NYC (2018 was its last year, but reruns abound!)

Family Law – Vancouver lawyers in dysfunctional family win some, lose some

Killing Eve – MI6 duelling women spies with Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer

New Amsterdam – Doctors in NYC hospital

Pennyworth – gripping prequel to Batman, focuses on Alfred Pennyworth as a young man

Perry Mason – amazing alternative reboot of the ex-private eye, brilliant new lawyer

Prodigal Son – son of brutal serial killer tries to maintain a sane lifestyle

Raised by Wolves – Mother and Father, androids sent to another planet with some children (after Earth can no longer support life) are tasked with raising a new generation.

The Cleaning Lady – clever immigrant doctor becomes caught between the mob and the Law.

The Good Doctor – Doctors in LA stars Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) as autistic surgeon

The Handmaid’s Tale – post-apocalyptic story of women in servitude and their dangerous rebellion

Yellowjackets – female high-school soccer team, along with coaches, are in plane crash in middle of nowhere.

Young Sheldon – a laughfest featuring Sheldon Cooper (from The Big Bang theory) as an annoying youngster, his family, and schoolmates. Hllarity ensues!

Enjoy! 😃📺

13 thoughts on “I’ll give it 10 more minutes

    1. Two eps?! You’re so generous! 😜 It’s a real joy, Elementary! Do what we did – watch them all over again! Sure there’s an iota of familiarity, but if you’re like us, you’ve forgotten what happens next! We don’t have the DVDs but they’ve been rebroadcasting them all, two a day, every day, on the CTV-sci-fi channel here in Montreal. We’ve been recording them for many weeks and watching one every evening!

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      1. Yes, I know, but when something seems so popular, such as Game of Thrones, you hate to toss it without giving it a fair shot. Truth be told, though, we watch tv shows only rarely – we dislike most of them.

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  1. I am such a TV loser. I have only seen the new Perry Mason! What a weirdo. Is that Elementary the one with Lucy Liu? No way will I watch that. She is probably the worst actor I’ve ever seen. My favorite TV show is over, but it was Professor T (the Belgian version, not the odious British one). Then it’s Vera.

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    1. The new Perry Mason is what we used to call an ‘anti-hero.’ I just find the show fascinating.
      Yes, Lucy Liu. I got used to her. 😁
      Not sure who Professor T or Vera are.


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