You mean… we have to *talk*?!

Ohh noooo!

Michael Grzesiek @shroud; Twitter, Sept. 11, 2014:  “Pls come back internet :(“

Recently, husband John and I faced an admittedly first-world crisis: our internet connection went down for 48 hours! That meant no TV, no Wifi… and a rather silent apartment.

How often did we check and recheck our connections! But it turned out it wasn’t just us, it was widespread. Thanks, Bell Fibe. 😑

How much can one read? Or write? Or think? Turns out, quite a bit, but then what?

Dinner time, the second day. See, the thing is, we have a routine: Food on the table at or near 6:00 p.m., and on with the CTV News. We may make a pithy comment on what we’re watching, but we pause the broadcast first and resume the second we stop talking.

But now there was no news! No TV! No internet! No nothing!

I bemoaned this fact as we sat down to eat.
John, ever practical, replied, “Um, we could talk.”

“TALK”?! What a concept! 😅😂😆

We gave it a whirl. But we were grateful when internet service returned later that night. Thanks, Bell Fibe! 😃🎉

11 thoughts on “You mean… we have to *talk*?!

  1. I understand completely having to interact! I would like to try to forward a song by one of my favorites:Uncle Bonsai. They are based in Seattle. I describe their original music as social commentary. One song in particular “Trouble in the First World Too”. It can be located on YouTube. It deals with “inconvenience “. If you can’t find it, I will forward it.

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