Skye Blues

Here’s a little thing I had fun writing years back, waaaay before there were smart phones, let’s say. I still like it; hope you do too!

(especially YOU, Celia!!!)

Monday, May 2nd

Met the COOLEST guy today!!! What a way to start my new diary!!! For ONCE Ma gave me a neat birthday present… (“keep a journal of your teen years; someday you’ll look back and be glad, blah blah blah etc.”) Well, all I can say is, if Danny and I stick together through my “teen” years, this diary’s gonna get a lot of use, for sure!

Why am I in love with Danny? Well FIRST of all, he’s absolutely adorable!!! I mean, that cute lil nose, that gorgeous hair… and he’s tall… but not TOO tall, know what I mean? And not too skinny, either… God, I’ve had dreams about a guy like him!!! It’s just amazing how we met, too… I mean, there I was, getting my picture taken in the booth at the mall, and he was next. I came out to wait for them to develop, I looked at him, our eyes met, and oooohhhh, wow… sparks!!!

We started to talk, it seemed so natural. I told him my picture is for my tennis membership card, he said his is… well, he just felt like doing it. Such a GREAT smile he’s got, I can still imagine it!!!

Went to the donut place… he bought a chocolate donut, the kind I love, and split it with me!!! I thought that was sooooo nice, I mean, he didn’t HAVE to do that…

Can’t wait to see him again!!! Too bad he goes to Townes High, not Pearson. Well at least he’s got my phone number!!! God, I LOVE being in love!!!

By the way, if bratty Celia reads this, I’m gonna kill her!!! You hear me, Celia???

Wednesday, May 4th

I know, I know, I skipped yesterday, but I was just so BUSY, what with school all day, and then tennis and ice cream with Danny… and then — oh, I’m so mixed up!!!

FIRST of all, when he said he was a good player, I thought, well great, maybe I’ll learn something from him. But when we got on the court (I got him in as my “guest”), well, how was I to know I’m better than HE is?? What was I supposed to do, miss balls on purpose?! I mean, how was I to know he’d be such a poor loser!?!

What really got me was, when we were in the ice cream parlour after the game — I bought him a sundae, our bet was that the winner would treat the loser — he insisted that the score was 6-4, 6-3. But I KNOW I won 6-4, 6-2!!!

And another thing. All he likes to talk about is DANNY!!! It’s “I” this, “I” that. I hate that. What am I, chopped liver?!

He IS so cute, but… I dunno… I agreed to see him again tomorrow night, but… we’ll see…

(Celia, I swear, if I find out you’ve been reading this, you’re really gonna get it!!!)

Friday, May 6th

Thank God THAT’S over. Ugh, what a JERK!!!

FIRST of all, everything is still “I.” SECOND of all, we went to this Julia Roberts movie, and he’s there drooling over her “great legs,” for Pete’s sake!!! I mean, what about her BRAIN?! That’s something Ma would say, being a feminist,
and also an ex-hippie — which is why I got this name, by the way — but sometimes she’s right, I hate to admit it.

And that stupid popcorn, I don’t LIKE popcorn, but he bought it anyway, and ate the whole thing himself!!! Yuk, I thought I’d barf!!!

Well so much for THAT great romance. By the way, the tennis monitor’s kinda cute though…


— C.

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