Friday Follies #5 – 4 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

Ladies and germs, the Grammar Cop has a treat for you. Today’s little batch of boo-boos touches on a variety of gaffes. Take a look.

  1. “…welcomed back to the school after a fourth grade class was reopened.” – MONTREAL GAZETTE  Okay, by now you must be familiar with my pet peeve: it should be fourth-grade class.   (Otherwise, what exactly is a “grade class” and where is the fourth one?)  What’s this called? Right: a compound adjective. It takes a hyphen.  This is also called irony, since the article was bemoaning new government budget cuts in education.
  2. “…usually because of space management issues.” – MONTREAL GAZETTE – same d**m article! Yet again, it has to be space-management issues. (Otherwise, you could be talking about issues of management at NASA. Which the article wasn’t. Yes, I know that was a sentence fragment, but I’m allowed – it’s called poetic licence. And that’s how we spell “license” up here in Canada. 😉 )
  3. Here’s an example of non-existent (and badly needed!) editing. The sentence reads: “In a notice to members on Tuesday, the bar said that reinstating Khuong would not correct the current situation, though lawyers present at a special general assembly in August voted that though Khuong was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting at a Simons store in Laval in 2014, she had ‘the necessary legitimacy’ to lead the professional order.”  This horror was also in the MONTREAL GAZETTE, by the way. First of all, the sentence is way too long. By the time you get to the end, you not only forgot where you started, you’re ready for a nap! Second of all, look at the two nesting clauses in the same sentence, both starting with “though” (which I helpfully underlined for you). The sentence needs to be split in two – at least, and rewritten in English, not bureaucratese. Which is a word I made up. Which is another sentence fragment.
  4. “…just between you and I.”  – EVERYWHERE I LOOK AND LISTEN – This is last but definitely not least. Of course, this would never be said by you and me.

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