Bell Telephone Assistance??

So what do you do when you start receiving bills with a zero balance, for a phone number you’ve never had, in a mode you haven’t used for years (print vs. online)? A bill that looks exactly like this:

bell-zero-bill-jpg(Oh, and did I mention it’s all in French? Tant pire! Ici, c’est Montreal!)

Well, if you’re me, the first time you get this, you phone them. I called the Bell billing number and explained the problem. The person at the other end exclaimed surprise, noting that she too found the situation odd. She also – get this – agreed that the number on the bill is not my phone number. She (so I imagine) scratched her head, seemed completely flummoxed, and simply told me to ignore the bill. So I did.

I ignored it that month. And the next. And the next. Okay, now it was really ridiculous. The next time it arrived, I put a little note in with the offending bill and mailed it to the P.O. box where one would normally mail a payment – if one were still using that archaic method.

That first note I wrote was very polite. (I did not keep a copy, so you have to take my word for it. 😉 ) I pointed out that the enclosed bill was

  • for a zero balance and therefore a waste of time and money;
  • for a number that is not mine and is therefore a waste of time and money;
  • a paper bill instead of online bills as I’ve always received before, and therefore a waste of time, money and postage.

The bills kept coming. And coming. Now it was beyond ridiculous. I’m a tad ashamed to say that finally I sent them a letter that showed, er, a bit of frustration. And it looked like this. No, it was this:

BELL LETTER-NEW-jpgAnd I signed it. What do you think happened?

Of course. A great big nothing – just like the balance on these neverending, idiotic bills.

The media? Well I’m trying social media first, just to see if there are any other bright ideas out there. If not, I’m blowing the whistle on ’em!

13 thoughts on “Bell Telephone Assistance??

  1. Now I know why Bell keeps raising prices for their services…. So they can pay for all that time, paper, and postage they are wasting. I wonder how many other people are being similarly harassed? It might be worth a call to Marketplace, or even a radio call-in show. How amusing it might be to some listeners! You could also threaten to change providers if they don’t clear up this mess. I look forward to reading updates! You go, girl! 😀

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  2. I sympathize, Ellie. I’ve had similar run-ins with other telephone companies in the US. And don’t get me started on Medicare! I got no results until I started asking for the name and rank (not serial number) of the person on the other end of the telephone, and took notes. With quotation marks. At the end of each phone call I read back my notes, asking whether I had portrayed the information offered and whether the clerk would testify that he or she had said that. I kept a log, and at the beginning of each call, I read a transcript of previous calls to the new clerk. After a couple of months, they were tired of listening and finally fixed the problem. Had I not been retired, I would not have had time to take care of the mess. Arghhh. Good luck with Bell!

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  3. We have asked and asked that Bell provide us with English e-bills online. Nada. We live in Toronto

    This is typical Bell Canada. Stupid..

    Using the return envelope only sends it to a processing company (like Symcor or Intria) who will not do anything with the contents.

    Definitely go the social media route!

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      1. Go for it, Ellie! Embarrass the heck out of them!
        I spent 4 hours today trying to get an e-transfer into my CIBC account completed. I have been paying my rent by e-transfer, using the handy-dandy CIBC app on my IPad, but the reverse direction doesn’t work. I have to use a different browser and go to a different site. I finally got to someone in Halifax who spent a half hour cleaning up the mess (I had to re-register my card because their were too many failed attempts to log in!) and giving me the clear instructions that were not previously available when my call was routed to Toronto. I was led astray, wildly. I am glad that it worked out, but I deeply resent the lost time! I am feeling soooooop…..dinosaurish!

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  4. So frustrating, eh Beth? Well I called (one last try!) Bell and got to speak to a supervisor – I practically had to cry to get to him – he tells me he works at Head Office and gave me his direct phone number. He promised to fix the problem and keep in touch with me. We shall see!!!!


    1. Did you ever read a book called “How to win friends and influence people?” It should be r wuir reading for all people who work in customer service. Looking forward to updates on this. Thanks, Ellie. At least I know that I amo not alone!

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    1. Beth, try reading over your comment *before* you press ‘post’ – that’s what I finally decided to do, because yes, autocorrect can be really annoying. Ever try disabling it? I did, and found that much worse! Lol


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