My Cat From Heaven

The title of this little piece is – if you didn’t know – a play on the name of the Animal Planet show, My Cat From Hell, starring the well-known cat whisperer, Jackson Galaxy.

A frequent cause of kitty’s unease and/or misbehaviour, says Jackson, is their feeling of insecurity. This is especially exacerbated if they feel very threatened by, say, other pets in the house. Jackson says it’s very important to offer them a place where they can feel safe. Often this is high up, say on a cat tree… or on the fridge… or on top of the shelf in your closet way in the back out of reach. 😉 (Of course, the more frightened they are, the more out of reach they will place themselves. Murphy’s Law/Ellie’s Theory.)

So in this vein, here is a sampling of photos of my Annie taken over the past couple of years. I think they say something.

I think it may be said that Annie feels secure any darn place in my little apartment!  You know that joke about the 800-lb. gorilla? Where does he sit in a movie theatre? Answer: anywhere he wants! Same goes for Annie.

Mind you, I don’t plan on getting another pet anytime soon. Let’s leave Annie in her comfort zone – i.e., everywhere!

15 thoughts on “My Cat From Heaven

    1. That’s exactly it! Or even, as my pal “Evangeline” up there puts it, a “slave.” Or how about “subject.” Oh, sorry, I have to go empty Her Majesty’s litter box now. Sheesh. 😀


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