Friday Follies #19 – Four mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

The Grammar Cop is always alert to catch a variety of flubs – all things language-related, including misspellings, grammatical bloopers, homonym confusion and the like. I do not, however, bother with typos. All of us are guilty of those from time to time. Here’s a sampling of egregious errors  from this week.

  1. “The ultimate mobile personnal emergency communication device” – ADVERTISEMENT for “Globii™”… Need I point out that the spelling should be personal? I think not. 😉
  2. “Bill Cosby Files Counter Suite against ‘Victims'” – headline in MOVIE NEWS GUIDE. This Australian-based website seems to think that suit should have an e on the end. They are especially sure of themselves, as they repeat it several more times in the article: “Bill Cosby, the renowned stand-up comedian recently filed a counter suite against…” and, later, “According to Reuters, the suite is filed in the district court of Springfield, Massachusetts…”  It’s repeated a fourth time but I no longer have the stomach to quote it yet again.
  3. “Wilmore: There’s not enough time to sick the IRS on me if I’m completely out of line.” – TIME.COM. Shame on them. One doesn’t “sick” anyone to do anything. (Unless they’re truly ill. 😉 ) No, you sic a person, dog, angry cat etc. on someone.
  4. “The five of them that are also charged as adults appeared in…” – MONTREAL GAZETTE. When speaking about people, it’s always who, not that. Like so: five of them who are also charged… 

I wonder if, when they’re charged, there will be a counter suite.

6 thoughts on “Friday Follies #19 – Four mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

    1. I should but need all my energy for the Grammar Cop’s posts. 🙂 I should have mentioned in my post that I could “sick” my angry Annie on someone I dislike; she BLOOPED all over my RED throw rugs in my room last night. Shades of my “Five Sounds I Would Rather Not Hear” post! lol


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