Windows on the Past – mother & daughter

Ah, my younger self… with my daughter Kathryn – back in the days of post-Woodstock Nixon’s U.S.A.; before personal computers, smart phones and big-box stores.

Ellie + Kathryn
Baby Kathryn and me

In fact, she and I had something in common, although I surely would not have seen it that way at the time. There I was, captured in a snapshot taken that day: a new mother, yet to experience a whole lotta life… the wonders of a fresh CEGEP* diploma, a second child, a decade in the front-line trenches of social work, another decade behind the scenes in film and television, followed by almost two decades working in administration and communications for several non-profit organizations, all still ahead of me.

And there she was: soon to walk, talk, run and play with pals; to attend nursery and elementary school, high school, CEGEP and university; to spend a decade in a successful film and television career; to study web development and spend a decade building amazing websites; to go to work for Automattic, the parent company of, as a “Happiness Engineer” – all that was still to come.

Mommy and baby then; two women now. Much life lived. More awaits!


*junior college, in Quebec

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