Windows on the Past

Much as I look forward to what my post-retirement life will soon look like, I also enjoy peeking back at what was. I beg my readers’ forbearance during my occasional musings on old photos.

Here is a little snapshot taken 20 years ago at the home of the late, great actor/writer/producer, Patrick McGoohan. I was there to help him work on his film script based on his cult-hit 1960s TV series, The Prisoner. You could say I was his script typist/muse. 🙂

Patrick and me
Patrick and me – June, 1996 – Carmel, California

I worked with him throughout the month of May 1996, but when it came time for him to leave Montreal, he invited me to his home in California so that we could continue there.

Patrick and his lovely wife Joan were most generous and hospitable to me. I had such an amazing 10-day stay, that I referred to myself then as “Cinderellie.”

I am saving the rest of the photos – and adventures – to include in my upcoming book. This is the opus I’m (still!) writing, based on my decade working in the film biz. (If interested you can find my earlier posts regarding this undertaking, by searching for “book” in the search box which is just to the right of this post’s title.)

Do stay tuned for more photos – other short vignettes that are meaningful to me, yes, but interesting to you too, I hope.

11 thoughts on “Windows on the Past

  1. That’s very impressive! I have no photographs of celebrities with their arm around me! I know of the TV show The Prisoner, although I’m a little too young to have watched it the first time round. Patrick McGoohan was a familiar face as I was growing up, though. He seemed to turn up in Colombo episodes a lot, and I also remember him from Braveheart. 🙂

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