Poems for Li’l Kids #2 – Taylor the Tiger

Here’s another little playful poem I wrote for my own kids many years ago. Comes with a built-in lesson at no extra charge!  😀

Taylor the Tiger

Taylor the terrible tiger
Was alone in the jungle and sad;
Nobody wanted to see him
Or play with a tiger so bad.

He stole cookies from Larry the Lion,
Then hid them, and wouldn’t tell where;
He roared loudly, to make the squirrels’ ears hurt,
And just so they’d know he was there.

He made fun of the black-and-white zebras
Until they all started to cry –
“You look like you’re wearing pyjamas!”
He said, with a gleam in his eye.

Once he put thorns in the crows’ nest,
And gleefully hid near the tree.
When Mama Crow sat, she got scratched up,
And cried, “It’s Taylor who’s done this to me!”

The animals talked about Taylor,
And decided that he was too mean;
They looked for a way to get even,
They were mad at the things they had seen!

So they all went to visit Patricia
She was an old porcupine.
They asked her to do them a favour,
And stick quills into Taylor’s behind.

Pat said, after thinking, “Your idea
First sounded so clever to me.
But if I do what you’re asking to Taylor,
Then I’d be as horrible as he.

“Now I have a plan that’s worth trying,
Here’s what I think you should do:
If you all will be nice to Taylor,
Maybe Taylor will be nice to you.”

The animals said, “Well, we’ll try it.”
So they visited Taylor that day;
They brought presents, and spoke to him kindly,
Taylor didn’t know what to say!

Now the animals all play together,
And Taylor’s the kindest one there;
This story of course has a moral –
If you give love… there’ll be love everywhere. 


❤ Happy Holidays to All Kids Big and Li’l!  ❤


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