Welcome To My Splog* (NOT the bad kind!)

Here’s something a little different for loyal followers and new visitors alike: a list of possible blog variations I call “splogs.” A “splog” is my idea of a “special blog,” see? Here are a few more possibilities, and maybe you can think of others yourself!

  • An airline pilot’s blog is: a PLOG
  • A cat’s blog is: a CLOG …which could also be a plumber’s blog! 😀
  • A silly blog is: a SLOG
  • A zoo’s blog is: a ZLOG
  • A queen’s blog is: a QLOG …not to be confused with the cat’s or plumber’s blog
  • A flea’s blog is: a FLOG
  • A blog about a swamp is: a BOG …the missing “L” apparently sank in it
  • A shopping blog is: a SHLOG …which actually exists here

Now that I’ve started you off, will you continue? Come on, it’s flun! I mean, fun!


* I happened to Google “splog” just now and wouldn’t you know it, that term already exists! It means a “spam” blog. Who knew?! Not me. So this is just a disclaimer. Next time I will Google a term before I use it. I’m leaving this info here as a public service. 😉

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