4 Little Songs of Mine

Sometime back I shared with you the lyrics to a song I wrote in my songwriting heyday in the ’80s. It was called Time Goes. Later on I uploaded the actual sound file, which I explained was sung by a singer I hired at the time for a demo, because I didn’t like my own voice very much.

Well, guess what – thanks to my son who digitized my song files, I can upload a few more. I’m no Linda Ronstadt, but I just think these ditties are kind of cute, and I’d like to share them. They were written when I was in my late 30s – a long time ago!

  1. Younger All the Time
  2. Second-Rate Men
  3. Lazy Daisy
  4. Late Bloomer

Accompanying me on bass and banjo are Mike Gilman and Harvey Levinson.

Hope you like them! 😀

13 thoughts on “4 Little Songs of Mine

  1. WOW Ellie! This was so sweet to listen to! I smiled the whole time thinking, Is that Ellie? What a sweet voice! 😉 Sweet project and sounds like it was a lot of fun! xoxo

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    1. “Is that Ellie?” – LOL, it *was* Ellie in around 1982-83! haha! Thanks so much luvly lady!! My gosh, I was younger then, than my daughter is now!!! Was fun, I have many more songs but those were recorded with the best sound (you can imagine the others sound awful)! Yes, ’twas fun! Sigh…

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  2. Hi there Ellie! This is exactly what the doctor ordered 🙂 I love your songs! Who can’t smile when listening to these 🙂 It is so needed. Thanks to your son for helping you to share these 🙂

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