Birth of a Book!

Hi people! Today is my book’s Birth Day. It took more than nine months and some hard labour, but it’s worth it! It is now published on Amazon as an eBook.

In a little while I’ll also have it in print; meanwhile you’ll be able to read it on your Kindle or on a free Kindle Reader app. It’s at the low, LOW price of $2.99 CDN ($2.25 USD, sorry Canucks!) – less than the price of a fancy coffee. It’ll last longer, and you’ll enjoy it just as much, I’m hoping! 😀 Please take a moment after you read it to rate and/or review it on Amazon; that will help me with sales. Thank you so much, everyone!





Blurby bit:

Back in the 1990s, I worked on a TV series with Tony Scott, laboured on a script with Patrick McGoohan, chatted with John Ritter over canapés and nodded “Hi!” to Terence Stamp in the hall. My irreverent memoir, Surviving Hollywood North: Crew Confessions from an Insider, reveals the ups and downs I experienced as a script coordinator in the flourishing film business in Montreal.

From insecure screenwriters to harried producers to eccentric directors and actors, I met and worked with all sorts of film-industry folks on a wide variety of productions, which taught me how to wrangle quirky film types as well as tricky computer programs. Somehow, I survived it all.

14 thoughts on “Birth of a Book!

    1. Thank you! As for the cover, I agree, she did a great job! And it was free, since it was part of a prize package I won in a short story contest a while ago!! 😀


  1. Very cool… some of your set memoirs are gonna intersect with mine! Can’t wait to read yours Ellie. Mine are for next year…

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