Great gifts just a click away…

“Finally the bus comes. I get on first. I thread my way down the aisle and sit down beside another woman, feeling safer in company. I carefully focus my gaze out the window, away from the riders. I fear that any eye contact with him could be mistaken for an implicit ‘contract’ that something more is going to happen.”

So reads an excerpt from one of the 25 stories in my latest book, First Kiss and other True Fiction. …

The book is a collection of pieces touching on different themes, such as early childhood fears, disappointments and growth; adolescent angst and discovery; and adult anxieties and small triumphs. Some of the stories are true, some fiction, and some a mixture. I’ll leave it to you to guess which is which.

Many have appeared in my blog, a couple have not. One was nominated for a National Magazine Award. Another won an online short-story contest with over 200 entrants. Several have been published before in a variety of publications.

• • •

You may also want to catch up with my previous book, Surviving Hollywood North: Crew Confessions from an Insider. It’s a memoir of the roller-coaster decade I spent as a script coordinator working in the film and TV business in Montreal during the ’90s. Names are dropped! Special attention is paid to the unforgettable time I spent working with Patrick McGoohan (of The Prisoner fame) on his own script, here and in Carmel, California.

Surviving Hollywood North; First Kiss

Both books are available at Amazon as both eBooks and paperbacks. Gift-giving season is upon us! Here are the links:

In Canada:

In the U.S.:

They can also be ordered through Amazon’s sites in eleven other countries.

If you buy one or both, happy reading, and thanks! 🙂




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