An Early Happy Christmas Ode

I’ve met this woman only once, but the good impression from that whirlwind introduction (at a kitty adoption day) and from many Facebook posts and comments since have led me to pen the following little limerick.

An early Happy Christmas ode
to Dr. Sara Parks
in Nottingham

There once was a lassie named Sara,
From childhood she was such a terror
She’d run up and down
And scamper around
The neighbourhood kids all would fear her.

But nothing could stop our dear Sara
Even though she had nothing to wear-a
Off to uni she went
On a scholarly bent
And earned three degrees, a trifecta!

For what more could a young lady hanker?
She had all a woman could ask for!
Yet her life was depleted
For it’s kitties she needed
In fact, that’s how I first met her!

Cat paw print
Photo (cc) by frankieleon

Hurray Cause 4 Paws! Hurray Sara Parks, the “foster mom failure” 😀 ! Hurray for us all! Happy Holidays! Let peace and happiness reign!

❤ ❤ ❤

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