The Definition of Irony, Part 2

Word of mouth – I mean beak – is amazing!

A few weeks ago I did a blog post called Pigeon Patio which featured this photo:

Pigeon potluck
The Definition of Irony

The irony continues with this photo I took today. Note that the species ratio of diners has reversed – the seagulls now outnumber the pigeons! Note too how the sign continues to be ignored by some really determined person. It makes me laugh!

Irony II - birds feeding
The Definition of Irony II

6 thoughts on “The Definition of Irony, Part 2

  1. SMH – and if you don’t read French or English, there is always the pictured warning of the birds/hands with the diagonal line through it … meanwhile, both types of birds are happy people don’t know how to read.

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