SHORT attention span?

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We sat like that for a long time, suspended, it seemed, in eternity. Finally his arm stole around my shoulder, hugging me closer. O rapture! I turned and looked at his beautiful face, inches from mine. I was about to close my eyes for a miracle of a kiss, when suddenly, terribly–

– from First Kiss

The bus creeps forward through heavy traffic, block by block. Still I avert my gaze from the passengers, and continue to look out the window. I do not want to face the dead-eyed stranger…

– from Close Encounter

Suddenly his hand is on my knee. My heart stops. Revulsion overtakes me; I squirm my knee away, out of his reach. He gets the message. When I finally reach my front door, breathless with anxiety and nausea, I believe I have narrowly escaped a terrible fate, though I am not sure exactly what that fate would have been. But if I have escaped, why do I still feel so awful?

I am 13.

– from Taking Back the Night

You’ll find these stories and more in my book of short pieces, First Kiss and other True Fiction.

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Note that you don’t need a Kindle device to read this eBook. You can read it on the free Kindle reader app on your computer, tablet or phone. Or you can just open and read it at Amazon’s website, after purchase. You may also choose to purchase the paperback version for less than the price of a manicure! 😀

First Kiss and other True Fiction cover




2 thoughts on “SHORT attention span?

  1. You left me hanging with these suspenseful passages, but the rumbling in the background has me untethering my laptop so I can finish up here before a full-fledge storm rolls through (again).

    Liked by 1 person

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