Blogging wirh a brokrn fingrr

The first thing tht happens wh4n you brrak your fingrr id: nothing#! But then –

– then ir srarts to swell and hurt like the dickens! So you ccall a clinic nuese who tells you to go to hospitral emergncy eoom where after fivr hours you’re told a small chip in one od rhe vones is broken, so rhey gice you a splinr and you fo home nd larer on when you deel like typinf, you discocer rhar youe left index finfer is truly indispensivle for this task. All in all, ir’s geen an inrerrsting few days. I salced my discomfort witrh some nice chocolare tea! Hopedully rhis will be healed and my rypinf will improve by Frisay so i can do a proper Friday Dollies!!! Sigh. 😬

choco teabag



21 thoughts on “Blogging wirh a brokrn fingrr

  1. That’s awful that you broke your finger! Too bad! I hope it feels better soon and won’t give you too much trouble. On Friday for the Follies, just type as you did today and see if we can correct the piece. I knew words were not right in this post, but I just plowed on through them. Just remember, whether you have correct spelling or not, there are tons of us who love you!

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      1. Well, that’s an excellent solution!! I think I might cheat and dictate to the phone, but the spelling would be worse than with one hand. I don’t always spot words that have been substituted by the all-knowing phone beast inside.

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  2. Ouch. Was it from a fall? I hope you feel better soon. Is Nurse Annie taking good care of you while you’re recovering?!!!! Or at least giving you some extra cuddles to make you feel better? Heal quickly.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Anna! Yes I fell, inside a restaurant near the exit where there was a step down that I didn’t notice!! I was with my daughter who – along with another patron – hefted me up off the floor! My knee is purple now, too. It happened as we were leaving. I think they owe me a free dinner, don’t you? And my friend says I should urge them to fix that step, put in a ramp or something! It could’ve been much worse, so I feel lucky it was just a finger.


      1. I can empathize with you because I fell in late January, hitting my mouth. Although I chipped/damaged one of my front teeth, I’m so grateful that I didn’t break any bones or hit my head. I think I’m going to start doing balance exercises. Yes, you should get a free dinner. Feel better soon.

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