Friday Follies #176 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

The Grammar Cop offers you a fun mid-season challenge. Enjoy! 😁

Choose the right word from these often-confused pairs. Answers at the end. Don’t peek! And no Googling!

  1. I (definately, definitely) agree with him: Six o’clock in the morning is far too early for a plane trip.
  2. If I (lose, loose) my keys again, my spouse is going to laugh, or roll his eyes, or both.
  3. She had free (reign, rein) on the project to do whatever the heck she wanted.
  4. I need your (advice, advise) – should I wear the red lipstick or the blue, or beige, or…
  5. My hand was stuck in the bubble-gum machine as if in a (vice, vise)… serves me right for trying to get free gumballs out.
  6. He texted, (Congradulations, Congratulations) on winning the spelling bee!
  7.  I pay for myself because I am an (independant, independent) woman.
  8. She had trouble changing the channel with her remote because (it’s, its) batteries were almost dead. They were, in fact, ex-batteries.
  9.  The rain had an (effect, affect) on the car’s stopping distance; that is, it wouldn’t stop at all!
  10. When he (lead, led) the session, the students all felt like leaving, as he was so boring.



The answers:

  1. definitely
  2. lose
  3. rein
  4. advice
  5. vise
  6. Congratulations
  7. independent
  8. its
  9. effect
  10. led

Scoring: Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

8-9 – GREAT
6-7 – FAIR
4-5 – NOT SO HOT
3 or less – WAY LESS THAN HOT




12 thoughts on “Friday Follies #176 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

    1. First of all, congrats! Second of all, this quiz only tested readers’ knowledge of pairs of words that are often confused with one another. It wasn’t a true grammar test. I suggest, dear Timeless Lady, that you read and study all my FF posts from the beginning. 😁

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