Insomnia: a Cesspool of Sleeplessness…

…or, why the heck can’t I fall asleep? Let me count the ways.

Clock at 3:01
Photo (cc) by Robot Brainz
  1. I’m too hot.
  2. I’m too cold.
  3. My partner’s snoring. Okay, not loudly, but still…
  4. I’m thinking about the best ticket to defeat Trump.
  5. I’m rethinking that and thinking about the next best ticket.
  6. My cat’s tail is twitching in my face.
  7. My cat is meowing to come back in the bedroom.
  8. I’m thirsty.
  9. I’m too tired to get up.
  10. I have to get up to pee.
  11. I’m too cold.
  12. I’m too hot.
  13. My partner’s snoring.
  14. The ticket’s still not right. Try again.
  15. And again.
  16. And again…
  17. Wait, is it morning now?!
  18. I like Kamala for Prez and Pete for VP! And I’m sticking to it! I think…

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