Friday Follies #213 – 10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Grammatically Challenged

First of all, to everyone:


Here’s a popular re-post from a few years ago. Yes, I’m still in lazy-holiday mode! 😄 Enjoy – and make my resolutions your resolutions!

10 Resolutions for the Grammatically Challenged

  1. I will check in the dictionary if I’m not sure how to spell a word.
  2. I will buy a book on grammar and thus no longer have ignorance of the rules as an excuse for boo-boos.
  3. I will follow many grammar blogs – especially this one!
  4. I will show my writing to someone capable of proofreading it before I publish it.
  5. I will not misuse “its” and “it’s” which is writing’s greatest sin.
  6. I will not beat myself up over typos – accidental errors – of which we’re all guilty.
  7. I will, however, always read over what I’ve posted – anywhere – to catch typos before they see the light of day.
  8. I will read fewer comments on social media, lest I see grammar glitches even worse than the ones I make.
  9. I will read more good books which model excellent English usage.
  10. Im going reade ovur zeez extra speshul poynts and tayke dems wit a granes uv salte.

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