25th Anniversary of my discovery of the World Wide Web

It was 1995, and the wonders of the World Wide Web (WWW) via the great browser, Netscape Navigator, were revealed to me by my son, Jeremy, the techie.

Not content with merely surfing others’ sites, by 1996 I had created my very own website on my trusty Mac. (I’m sure Jeremy – or maybe my daughter Kathryn? – must’ve helped me with the HTML coding.) I was so excited! Just think, now I had a presence on this newfangled medium! What to do with that presence, I had no idea! 😄

I was recently delighted to learn that my first crude website had been preserved (along with millions of other early websites), and is viewable at the “Wayback Machine – Internet Archive.” Here’s a peek at it. Don’t laugh – it’s rather silly and rudimentary!


A corner of a screenshot:

Screenshot of my 1996 website

Twenty-five years changes us all, doesn’t it! Happy Anniversary to the WWW!






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